Press and Journal “Out With The Auld Turned Into New Art” by Ann-Marie Parry

Old canvas of famous city artist is completed by family friend. 

It could be a misty day in the Granite City, with a pink dawn about to usher in another day.  But we will never know exactly what this canvas was supposed to look like because it was started by one of Aberdeen’s best-loved artists Eric Auld, who died on Christmas Eve last year.

In January, his wife Pat gave some of his materials, including three blank canvases, to gallery owner and family friend Nicole Porter.  Miss Porter found that one of the canvases already had some marks of coloured paint on it, and asked Mrs Auld if it was OK to finish it.

“Two Artists One City” is a powerful combination of bright colours, paintings by Mr Auld, and a grey sketch of the city that he loved by Miss Porter.

Miss Porter, a former Ellon Academy pupil, said: “The painting was at that really exciting stage and I couldn’t stop thinking about what Eric was going to do.”

“I had no idea so I decided to do something that would pay tribute to him and what he was known for.”

She first met Mr Auld when she was an art student in Dundee and worked part-time at the Carby Art Gallery n Aberdeen, which has since closed.

In 2010, when Miss Porter opened her own gallery in the city’s King Street, the pair became friends and she later painted his portrait in 2011.

She added: “I did not want to talk away from his colour and so I used grey oil to paint one of the views from St Nicholas House.”

Miss Porter has given the painting back to Mrs Auld but it will remain at The Nicole Porter Gallery with an exhibition of Mr Auld’s art until the end of April.

Contined… Nicole ensures artist’s legacy lives on.  Throughout his life, as a teacher and as one of Scotland’s best-loved painters, Eric Auld endeavoured to encourage young artists and nurture their talents.

His death last year was marked by warm praises from admirers in his native Aberdeen and around the world.

But perhaps the most fitting tribute has now been unveiled by Nicole Porter, who had added the final brushstrokes to the last canvas he was working on and shown how his legacy will live on through a new generation of artists.

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