STV “Political Art Exhibition Inspired By The Referendum Launches” by Victoria Pease

An art exhibition featuring works influenced by the political landscape in Scotland during the Referendum will open in Aberdeen on Friday.

Masters student Nicole Porter will showcase a series of paintings created in the run up to and in the aftermath of the Independence Referendum at the exhibition at Gray’s School of Art.

Amongst the pieces to go on display at the art school is In the Thick of It, a canvas of Union Street overlaid with a painting on glass of a group meeting which has been on display at the debating chamber at Aberdeen’s town house.

Coallusion. pictured below, which depicts the faces of the seven leaders of the major UK parties merged together will also be on display alongside a portrait of former First Minister Alex Salmond, now MP for the Gordon constituency and a scene from a polling station.

Nicole said: “This series of paintings was sparked by the Referendum. I did a painting about the Referendum two years prior to the event and it was all about trying to document the build-up to the vote.

“People were going to have to make a decision on the day and it was a really important one – I wanted to create a piece that could participate in that debate beforehand and the series has developed from there.”

The 29-year-old added: “A painting is timeless and there are going to be future generations that were not here to vote and on whom our decision impacted. The referendum was a historic, as well as a political event, so I wanted to produce work that marks this point in time.”

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