Press and Journal “Artist shows political Masters piece” by Jon Hebditch

A north-east artist has been brushing up on her politics with a new painting of the major party leaders.
Nicole Porter, 28, who owns her own gallery in Aberdeen’s King Street, will be displaying the montage from today.
She began work on the piece after the televised seven leaders debate on April 2, basing it on what she deemed to be the most likely coalition outcome of the election.
The artist will be submitting the painting as part of her Masters degree at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.
She said: “I wanted to create a painting which depicted the views of the undecided voter and that visually represents the potential of a coalition government.
“Nicke Clegg and Cameron are in the centre because they are currently the government. The leaders’ positions on left to right also reflects their political leanings in some ways.”

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